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Thanks to Heather and Robert Lamont, we will be able to fill the gap left in our hearts and home when Rufus died, as they offered us two little pet quality Ruby dog pups. The pups also have two litter mates, one of whom is show quality and now lives in the USA.

When I first started this page on 24th May 1998, they were just nine weeks old , and we were waiting to collect them - British Airways willing - on 4th June 1998. They had to be at least ten weeks old to be permitted to travel by air, and we had an anxious time awaiting confirmation that B.A. would be be able to transport them on this date. I flew over Belfast the day before to meet Heather and Robert, and to get to know the pups.

Their official names are Moorfields Torque and Moorfields Torpedo, better known as The Terrible Twins!! However, they are now named Rowan and Russett. In these, I am following in Rufus' tradition by giving them red names in celebration of their beautiful ruby colouring.

With thanks to the Lamonts for sharing these photos.

Amber with her new puppies Mother Amber with her four pups. Our two are light coloured ones at the back in this photo....
...and in the front here... Amber with her new puppies
The terrible twins! The "Terrible Twins" at six weeks old
The Twins Come to England

Finally everything was confirmed and I have collected the puppies now! Heather and Robert brought them to meet me at the airport, then we went home to meet the rest of the "clan". This included black and tan brother Guinness and little ruby sister Tory (who will both be going to live in the USA), tiny blenheim playmate Monique, and the pups' mother, father, and grandparents. I was also introduced to some illustrious Moorfields Champions, and some real characters including Polly, who fell in love with my cardigan and guarded it zealously against all comers until I had to leave for home. Bless you Polly!

I suffered "Death by Cavalier" - I can't think how else to describe being kissed and licked and climbed all over by a horde of twenty odd Cavaliers and two Rottweilers all at once! This experience alone would have made my trip worth while, since I have not had many Cavalier kisses since Barney died, as Rufus was not a "kissy" dog.

I was able to spend time with all the pups and get to know my two before we left for home the next evening. Unfortunately this part of the trip did not go well, as I was informed at the last minute that that the plane was not suitable to carry the pups. So we finally flew home the next morning.

The twins are showing quite distinct personalities, and have settled in very well and love my husband, who is equally entranced with them. They love their travel box and have decided for the time being it will be their safe haven and bed.

They have proved themselves as being true Cavaliers (in my mind) and have lived up to their nickname of "Terrible Twins" by so far sicking up all their dinner, developing a taste for bird dropping and tortoise "poop", taking a dive into the pond and coming out draped in kelly-green duck weed, then digging a hole in the flower bed to clean themselves off in a pile of muddy soil, and finally catching a snail and fetching it into the house for supper. No regal velvet cushions (yet!) for this pair - I believe they would shred them rather than sit on them!

Here are some pictures of the pups, they are all frames from video clips taken by my husband, who started filming as soon as he met us at the Airport!

Russet arrives at Birmingham airport Russet in the car at Birmingham International Airport
Hello, are you the camera man or our new Dad then? Hello are you our new Dad?
Dinner's up Boys! Dinner's up Boys!
Time for a quiet bone or two... Time for a quiet bone or two...
Next we'll try a game or two with this slipper on a string... Next we'll try a game or two with this slipper on a stringy thingy...
Sleepy heads - worn out with all the excitement at the end of their first day in their new home Sleepy heads - worn out with all the excitement
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