Portrait of a Cavalier
One Picture is worth ten thousand words.
This page is dedicated to Barnaby, who was my Cavalier friend and companion.
Portrait of a Cavalier: Part One

Herein discover Cavalier portraits both ancient and modern, graven images and painted ones, stamped ones and stitched ones, and miscellaneous sightings of Cavaliers in the wierdest places...

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Due to the great increase in volume of portrait information, it has now been split into three parts; ancient portraits are here on page one, modern portraits have moved to page two, and all the rest of the information will be found on page three.

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Historic Portraits

When I first began compiling this list in 1996, there were very few Cavalier resources on the web; now they abound. Last year when I started a major overhaul of my list, I had thought also to try to find web images of the portraits listed here, but many are in private collections and therefore not publicly available. In early 1999, Doreen Zeiger started compiling a marvellous and ever growing Virtual Cavalier Art Tour, so I commend this to you if you are at all interested in Cavalier art.

Period 1400-1600
(anon) 1400s Arras Tapestry: The Offering of the Heart
Notes: Shows a Toy Spaniel very like today's Cavaliers.
Collection: The Louvre
Source: Forwood, reference
Anguisciola, Sofonisba (c1535-1626) Portrait group of three children
Notes: Shows a little red(?) and white toy spaniel with a lozenge.
Collection: Private;
Source: Forwood, illus black and white
Moro, Antony Queen Mary I and Philip of Spain (painted 1554)
Notes: With a pair of spaniels...
Collection: Property of Duke of Bedford.
Pisano, Antonio: (Pisanello) Vision of St Eustace (c1440)
Notes: The two small (wholecoloured) spaniels pictured are probably the forerunners of our Cavaliers
Collection: National Gallery
Source: Secord, illus b/w; Field, reference
Titian: Tiziano Vecelli (c1477-1576)

Venere di Urbino (painted 1537-1538)
Notes: Includes a small red and white spaniel curled up on her bed!
Field calls this the Uffizzi Venus, presumably as it is in the Galleria degli Uffizi, Firenze.
Forwoood (I believe incorrectly) refers to a 'Portrait of Duchess of Urbino', which is probably this same portrait...

Source: Field, reference; Forwood, reference

Veronese, Paolo (1528-1588) Hermes, Herse and Aglaurus
Notes: Secord suggests this may possibly be either an ancestor of our present KCS, or alternatively a Japanese Chin?
Collection: Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge Source: Secord, illus, black and white; Field, reference
Period 1601-1800
Copley, John Singleton (Boston, USA) Three of the daughters of George III
Notes: The children are shown at play with three dogs, one large and two small, the lower left a Blenheim and middle a tricolor.
Source: Thanks to Dianne Foster for this one
Cuyp, Albert (17th century) Landscape with a Horseman representing a member of the de Roovere family
Notes: Shows clearly the similarity of these Spaniels to our modern Cavaliers.
Collection: Mauritshuis, The Hague
Source: Stenning, illus black and white
Danckerts, Thomas Portrait of Mr Rose the Royal gardener
Notes: He is presenting Charles with first pineapple successfully grown in England; two little spaniels are shown, one of whom is play-bowing to his master!!
Collection: Courtesy of the Marchioness of Cholmondeley
Source: Falkus, illus black and white
English School Spaniel and Toy Spaniel with Red Macaw (c1770)
Notes: Shows the two different type of spaniel, sporting and toy...
Collection: The Tyron Gallery
Source: Secord, illus black/white
Fragonard, Jean_Honoré The Love Letter
Notes: The little spaniel sitting with his mistress is more interested in the artist than his mistress's goings on!
Collection: Metropolitan Museum, N.Y.
Source: Field, ref; Secord, illus black and white
Lely, Sir Peter (1618-1680)

Portrait of a Miss Skipwith
Notes: With an almost life-size Toy spaniel
Source: Forwood, reference

Dorothy, Lady Temple (painted 1678)
Notes: With her favourite spaniel; apparently she was a great devotee of the breed and owned many of them!
Source: Forwood, reference

After Mignard, Pierre Henrietta d'Orleans (painted c1665)
Notes: Favourite younger sister of Charles II, with her red and white toy spaniel in her lap
Collection: National Portrait Gallery
Source: Booth, illus b/w; Forwood, ref; Falkus, illus colour
Moreland, George (1763-1804) St James's Park
Collection: Private
Source: Forwood, illus black and white
Nedham, William Spaniels
Notes: Another illustration of the two spaniel types, Sporting and Toy
Collection: Private
Source: Secord, illus black and white
Romney, George (1734-1802)

Lady Hamilton
Notes: Blenheim in Lady Hamilton's lap
Collection: Frick Collection, NYC, NY
Source: email correspondence

The Clavering Children
Notes: A Blenheim puppy with a spot (lozenge!) in the arms of a girl
Collection: Huntington Library, Art Collection, San Marino, CA
Source: Other

Stubbs, George (1724-1806)

King Charles Spaniel
Notes: This spaniel is virtually identical in colouring and pose to the Dunton portrait of Nollekens, only the landscape is different. Reproduced on the UK 22p stamp for the Crufts Centenary 1991.

Notes: This matronly spaniel with her rather thick neck and middle-aged spread belonged to Sophia Musters, and also appeared in the portrait of Sophia by Sir Joshua Reynolds.
Source: donandres.com (dealer)

Thompson, W A Cavalier (painted 1783)
Notes: With a docked tail?
Collection: Private
Source: Forwood, illus black and white
Tito, Tiberio di (1573-1627) Medici Dogs in the Boboli Gardens
Notes: A collection of dogs, including Cavaliers, all dressed in earrings(!!), ribbons and fancy collars prancing in the park. This is a really weird painting and also features their rather large (gross even!) owner sitting with another little dog in a red tasseled box...
Source: Woodmansterne, greetings card
Vallayer-Costus, Anne Les Petits Favouris (c1775/1780)
Notes: Two little toy spaniels snuggling together on a tasselled cushion, with a greyhound(?) in the background. Precedent for 19th century pampered pet portraits.
Collection: Private
Source: Secord, illus black and white
van den Temple, Abraham (1620-1672) Two Dogs in a Park
Notes: A pair of very small red and white spaniels.
Source: Grossman, illus colour
Van Dyck, Sir Antony (1599-1641) Charles and Henrietta Maria with their two eldest children
Notes: Charles and Henrietta Maria with their two eldest children Charles, Prince of Wales, born 1630, and Mary born 1631. A little particolour spaniel is jumping at the king's legs
Collection: Her Majesty the Queen
Source: Forwood illus black and white; Falkus, illus black and white

Family of Charles I (painted c1630)
Notes: Five Royal children with a great mastiff(?) and a tiny King Charles spaniel.
Collection: Her Majesty the Queen
Source: Forwood; Secord illus black and white

The Family of Charles I
Notes: Shows small black spaniel probably a gredin according to Lady Forwood. (see our history page)
Source: Forwood, reference

The three eldest children of Charles I
Notes: The Prince of wales, Prince James and Princess Mary (with two small spaniels)
Collection: Her Majesty the Queen
Source: Forwood, illus b/w; Secord, illus b/w; Falkus, colour

Vander Kuyl, Gysbert King Charles Spaniel (painted 1665)
Notes: With a lovely lozenge!
Collection: Private
Source: Booth, illus black and white
Watteau (1668-1721)

Embarquement pour Cythere
Notes: Shows black and white spaniels
Source: Forwood, reference

La Toilette
Collection: Private
Source: Forwood, illus black and white

Zoffany The Garricks entertaining Dr Johnson
Notes: With two literary Cavaliers under the table
Source: Forwood, reference
Period 1801-1900
Ansdell, Richard (RA) Two King Charles Spaniels in a Landscape
Notes: Both black and white, one has the most beautiful "King Charles" long wavy ears. Ever ones for luxury, this pair have taken out drapes and a velvet stool as props to pose for their portrait in the countryside!
Collection: Private
Source: Secord, illus colour
Baryen, Atoine-Louis King Charles Spaniels (c1830)
Notes: A bronze figurine of two spaniels
Collection: Walters Art Gallery, Baltimore
Source: Secord, illus black and white
Chalon, Henry Bernard Blenheim King Charles Spaniel in a Landscape
Notes: He is eyeing up a squirrel on a tree trunk!
Collection: Private
Source: Secord, illus colour; Field, reference
Cooper, Abraham (RA) Fidelia 1833
Notes: Fidelia is in full chase after a small bird! Painting was exhibited at the RA in 1833
Collection: Private
Source: Secord, illus black and white
Dalby, John King Charles Spaniels (painted 1849)
Notes: Blenheim and tricolour?
Collection: Private
Source: Secord, illus black and white
Dunton, W H Nollekens as Spaniel
Dealer: art.com
Earl, Maud King Charles Spaniels (painted c1890)
Notes: All four colours are shown; our long nosed toy spaniels have now turned into Charlies with their little pug noses!
Collection: Tryon Gallery
Source: Secord, illus black and white
English School Tricolour King Charles Spaniel (painted c1840)
Notes: A rather jolly little dog!
Collection: Private
Source: Secord, illus colour
English School King Charles spaniel
Notes: Typical pet portrait in naive style, of a tricolour (or black and white?) spaniel sitting on window sill (shades of my ruby Russet) in front of which is a table with a lady's scissors and threads...
Collection: Private
Source: Secord, illus black and white
Hall, Frederick Recumbent King Charles Spaniel
Notes: Daydreaming, waiting with his owners gloves; this is a really lovely, modern looking Blenheim.
Source: Secord, illus colour
Holt, Edwin Frederick Blenheim Spaniel at Rest (painted 1871)
Notes: A cozy, almost cartoon like Cavalier, snuggled on a tasselled cushion
Source: Secord, illus black and white
Joy, T M A Young Girl (painted 1834)
Notes: Shows a girl of approx 13 or 14 outside at the base of a sweeping set of stairs holding a lead on the end of which is a small Tricolour spaniel with a long nose. Source: Thanks to Caron Hunt for this
Landseer, Sir Edwin, (RA) (1803-1873)

Portrait of Dash (painted 1836)
Notes: The coquettish Dash given to Queen Victoria in 1833 when she was a child favourite dog, and was her favourite dog: after her coronation, she went home to bathe him! This lovely little round portrait is probably one of the most copied portraits in the history of dog painting
Collection: Her Majesty the Queen
Source: Grossman, illus colour; Secord, illus black and white

Queen Victoria's Favourite Pets (1837-1838)
Notes: Dash, Hector and Nero. Shows her beloved Dash on a red velvet footstool, with parrot Lory scatters nutshells on the floor; behind them are Prince Albert's favorite greyhound, Eos, and an elegant deer hound (Nero).
Collection: Her Majesty the Queen
Source: Forwood; Grossman, illus colour; Secord, illus black/white

Lady with her Spaniels (painted 1838-)
Notes: First exhibited 1874
Collection: Collection of Her Majesty the Queen
Source: Forwood, reference

Princess Victoire (painted 1839)
Notes: Shows the back of the Princess outside overlooking a garden with a black and tan Cavalier sitting on the ledge next to her (also viewed from the rear).
Source:Thanks to Caron Hunt for this

The Cavaliers' Pets (painted 1845)
Notes: This was painted in two days!! Hung in the British Institution in 1845
Collection: Private
Source: Forwood, reference

School of Landseer King Charles Spaniel on a Cushion
Notes: A rather beautiful wholecolour KCS, regally relining. Secord notes that the signature is indistinct, probably by a follower of the artist
Collection: Private
Source: Secord, illus black and white
Leesmith, Mary Lascelles Black and tan King Charles Spaniels (painted 1882)
Notes: Three little Black and Tans with bells and bows (slightly snub nosed again!)
Collection: Private
Source: Secord, illus colour
Manet, Edouard (1832-1883)

Le Chemin de Fer (The Railway)
Notes: Lady and child with a King Charles pup.
Source: Imperial College sunsite

Collection: Ailsa Mellon Bruce Collection, USA
Source: Thanks to Jeanne Eklund for this one

Raven, Samuel Tricolour King Charles Spaniel in a Classic Landscape (painted c1830)
Notes: A 'primitive/naive' type painting of a little Tricolour in front of an impressive column, indicative that he maybe lived in a Stately Home?
Collection: Private
Source: Secord,illus colour
Sargent 9th Duke of Marlborough and Family with two Blenheims
Notes: at Blenheim Palace
Source: Town, colour; Smith, b/w; also on front cover of the CKCS club Yearbook for 1998!
Spode, Samuel Tricolour King Charles Spaniel in a Landscape (painted 1835)
Notes: An unusual one: he is all white apart from his tricolour head and ears!
Collection: Private
Source: Secord, illus colour
Stark, Arthur James A King Charles Spaniel Seated on a Red Chair
Notes: A Blenheim, waiting (for a walk?) with his owner's canes and gloves. I have a coloured photo this, source unknown; I only discovered it's identity while looking through Secord's book!
Collection: Private
Source: Secord, illus black and white
Steell, Gourlay (RSA) Jeannie (painted 1858)
Notes: Reputedly own by Queen Victoria, this tiny black and tan, with ribbons and bell, is enthroned on red velvet chair with an ermine stole. A glove on the chair seat is a guide to how small this dog actually was...
Collection: Private
Source: Secord, illus colour
Suhrland, Carl (1828-1919) Two Tricolours
Source: Thanks to Jeanne Eklund for this one
Period Early 1900s
Stretton,Philip Eustace King Charles Spaniels (painted 1907)
Notes: Two lovely wholecolours sitting on a gilt chair by their mistress's workbasket
Collection: Private
Source: Secord, illus black and white