"Celebrate the happiness that friends are always giving,
make every day a holiday and celebrate just living."
Amanda Bradley

Welcome to Barnaby's Virtual Card Shop!

We all enjoy looking at pictures of our favourite dogs, so here are some images of Cavalier King Charles Spaniels which have been transformed into a selection of virtual cards for you to send to family, friends and other Cavalier lovers.

No need of pen and paper or a stamp, just choose your virtual card, type in your message and a couple of e-mail addresses, and press the button. Off it will speed through cyberspace to your chosen destination, whether it be next door or the other side of the world.

No fuss - no bother - no charge!!

animation - Barney running to post a card - 24.49 K

Virtual Fame?

If you have a photo or other image that you feel may be suitable for inclusion in the Virtual Cavalier cards rack, please drop us a line!
We would welcome more Cavalier images. Thank you!

Select Your Virtual Card Here

Select the Virtual Greetings Card you would like to send by pressing the button; a card rack will be displayed for you to make your selection. Fill in the information on the form, and please make sure that the e-mail address to which you are sending your card is correct!

Collect your Virtual Greetings Card here

Have your remembered to bring your RECEIPT?
You need this to be able to collect your Virtual Cavalier Greetings Card! You may be able to "cut and paste" your receipt number into the box; otherwise: please type it in very carefully, because upper and lower case letters do matter!!

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