Cavalier Friendship Quilt

In the autumn of 1998, Jean Yokley offered to put together a Cavalier Friendship Quilt for the raffle at the Cavaliers of the West Show in February 1999, at San Marcos Resort in San Diego, California. She asked that as many members as possible from the Hoflin Cavalier List contribute to make it an international Cavalier Friendship Quilt.

She asked for a each person to send her a six inch square of fabric, in a light color or white, with their names and/or kennel names, and maybe an image, on the square with fabric marker, embroidery thread or fabric paint.

Here is the Cavalier Raffle Quilt that Jean Yokley made up from our donated squares: it is really lovely isn't it? Whilst on a trip to the UK, she came to visit me on 5th March 1999, and brought the photos for me to scan for you...

Cavalier Raffle Quilt

I have tried to identify the makers of the squares from the photos; Jean has given me more names, and a couple of you have identified your work. If any of you would like to email me to identify your square or correct me, please do so!

John and Alice Beckett, Canterbery Texas Robert and Heather Lamont, Moorfields Ireland Kissing Cousins The Geller boys, California Ben and Cheryl Schoenfeld, Ringleader, Alabama
Geller Boys, California Abby and Alissa Liberman Moorfields Dior MaryAlice Quimby, Tattersall, California Steve and Marian Mynott, Honeybet, England Moorfields Pup Dior Chuck and Robbie Slemaker, Mayfair, Californiar
Pepe and Toby Jody Sutton, Windansea, California Joy Sims, Bramble, Pennsylvania Carolyn Schumacher, Mayflower, California Susan Haller, Just 4 Me, Alabama
Excalibur Cherokee (Cherry), Pat and Catherine Melissare, San Ramon California Susan Van Luchene, Briarcrest Cavaliers, Castlewood Crossbow Colette of Briarcrest Judith Atwood, "Woody", Illinois Jean Yokley, Ladybrook, California Harold and Joan Letterly, Wyndcrest, California "The Bug" Moorfields Dilly
Ruth McCann Doerr, Adoerrable, Louisiana Barnaby's Cavalier Attitudes, UK "Guinness", Jean Yokley, Ladybrook, California Cavaliers Of The West Rescue dog Sarah West, Westcourt, California pups Debbie Nobes, Delores, England

Cherry: Catherine says: 'Cherry comes from Excalibur at Hush Puppy Hollow owned by Mary Ellen and Thayer Arthur in South Carolina. Cherry was just 1 year old on Feb 1, 1999. We are not breeders just lucky owners of Cherry.'

Last updated on 19th March 1999