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Helping He@rts be Healthy He@rts


For the Millennium year, The UK Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club asked members to help raise money for their Health Fund Appeal. Much of this money is spent on ensuring our Cavaliers will have healthy hearts.

Helping Hearts has to date (July 2001) raised just over £2000 for the Health Fund. Money raised last year (2000) year went (via the Millennium Health Fund) towards funding research on MVD in the UK, including a major new collaborative study on MVD between National University of Ireland, Galway and Edinburgh University's Veterinary School in Scotland. I have requested that future funds go specifically to this new project. So please continue to give us your support and help us to help our Cavaliers have healthy hearts.

Since I would not have been able to do this without the help of many other Cavalier owners, I would like to offer a public thanks to all of you who have helped me in my endeavour. I have had international support in this effort and I am truly grateful for this and thank you all from the bottom of my heart!

My efforts were initially on behalf of my Rufus, who died of MVD after a long and (for both of us) very distressing time. On the way it became also a small crusade on behalf of Dodger, Ailsa, Rachel, Benji and many more MVD sufferers that I have learned about and grieved over...

Please help us by adding your voices and contributions to our Appeal, so that these Cavaliers who are killed by their oh so loving hearts do not die in vain... So, come on in and discover what you can do to help ensure that our Cavaliers' Hearts are Healthy Hearts!

With gratitude, Rosemary and Rufus

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