"Preston's BUFFY Babe"


By: Preston Reeves

I see the many Christmas lights
Down on earth below,
I see folks with their beloved pets
Playing in the snow.

I know my Loved Ones miss me
For I can see the falling tear
But please don't grieve too long for me,
I'm spending Christmas in Heaven this year.

I'll miss my Christmas stocking
Filled with loving care
I'll miss my favorite toys
And sharing my "Daddy's" chair.

But I'll not yearn for earthly things,
'Cause nothing can compare
To the beautiful songs the Angels sing,
And the Love that fills the air.

I can not explain in words
The Peace that now I find
And how thankful I am no longer
Deaf or lame or blind.

So please be happy for me,
And know death was nothing to fear,
Just rejoice because I will be
Spending Christmas in Heaven this year.

No longer ponder the question:
"Do dogs go to Heaven when they die"?
For I am happy again and healthy
And we'll meet again by-and-by.

There are others here like me,
Rest assured I'm not alone
Life is spent playing and romping
And recalling the brave old days back home.

Rejoice that I no longer suffer,
My once bleary eyes now open wide,
I'm always watching out for you,
I'm up here, on your side.

Of all my special Christmas gifts
That I've discovered, was really always mine;
The gift was LOVE I was blessed with,
the most true, genuine kind.

So, I'm returning a gift, one which I trust
You will always hold near -
The gift is my LOVE from here above,
For I'm spending Christmas in Heaven this year.

Please have a Merry Christmas,
Now, wipe away that tear!
And know I'm OK and never far away,
'Cause I'm spending Christmas in Heaven this year.

Preston Reeves
"Preston's BUFFY Babe"
April, 1987 - November, 2000