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"What do you know of a dog's life?
How much are you really aware
Of the intricate threads
That we weave in our heads
When you think we're asleep in the chair?"
Paws for Thought by Abigail

Welcome to Barnaby's Cavalier Attitudes!
Sunday 24th May 2015 09:56:49 am

This page is dedicated to the memory of Barnaby, who was my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel friend and companion, and to Rufus my little Ruby, who waited so patiently by the computer while I worked!

CavalierKingCharles.com is the home of Barnaby's Cavalier Attitudes, one of the earliest British Cavalier sites on the web; it is a resource for everyone who loves and is owned by a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

On these pages, I hope to share with you some of the knowledge and pleasure that I, and many other Cavalier owners, have acquired from sharing our lives with these lovely little dogs.

Learn about your Cavaliers' care and wellbeing; discover their history; check out Cavalier 'sightings', and view some charming images; look up bibliographies, Cavalier clubs, and other websites and resources; indulge in a few Cavalier capers, including a Cavalier quiz; sign our guest book, and send your friends a Cavalier greetings card.

Please browse through what we have to offer, and enjoy your visit!

Cavalier Reading List

Find here a bibliography of some of the Cavalier and general dog care books that are available. Lots of them have pictures, some have Cavalier conversations, some are purely for fun, but all of them are full of information.


Cavalier Capers

Indulge in a few Cavalier Capers! Try out a few Cavalier puzzles and games, and enjoy a few entertaining images!


Cavalier Cavalcade

Many visitors have asked to see more Cavalier photographs, so we have here a special section, where you can view a veritable cavalcade of Cavaliers: and fall even more deeply in love with these beautiful, entertaining, and heart-stealing little spaniels!

Photos of the Cavalier Quilt are also available for you to see.


Cavalier Celebrations: Send a Virtual Card

We all enjoy looking at pictures of our favourite dogs, so here are some images of Cavalier King Charles Spaniels which have been transformed into a selection of virtual cards for you to send to family, friends and other Cavalier lovers. No need of pen and paper or a stamp, just choose your virtual card, type in your message and a couple of e-mail addresses, and press the button. Off it will speed through cyberspace to your chosen destination, whether it be next door or the other side of the world.


Cavalier Contacts

Contact the Cavalier Breed Clubs, Puppy Registers, and Rescue Services in the United Kingdom; this is the place to look if you need to join a club, get in touch with UK rescue co-ordinators, or obtain lists of breeders with puppies currently available for purchase.


Cavalier Greetings

Many Cavalier lovers and owners have viewed these pages, so we have opened a Guest Book in which to display a permanent record of these visits. Please feel welcome to share some of the joys and pleasures of living with your Cavaliers, by writing about them in our little book.

Due to a spate of recent spamming, we have updated our guestbook to avoid future problems. It also has a new look. If you encounter any problems with this new version, please contact us!


Cavaliers Through the Centuries

The origins of our Cavaliers are lost in the mists of time. But here you can delve into some of the history of our Cavaliers and their ancestors that we do have on record.


Cavaliers Around the World

Our Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are universally loved little dogs; these many international links just prove it. Also included are some general UK dog links, where you may also seek out some Cavalier titbits.


Helping Hearts

Although Cavaliers are in the main healthy little dogs, many of themincluding Barnaby and Rufus, suffer from heart problems. For some Cavaliers and their owners this can be a very long drawn out and painful process.

The UK Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club are currently funding a University project in which Richard Han will be studying the structure and appearance of mitral valve cells using electron microscopy, to try to discover the causes of degeneration the valve's cellular structure.

Our Helping Hearts pages details some of the fundraising efforts that help to raise money for this research project.


Portrait of a Cavalier

Herein discover Cavalier Portraits both ancient and modern, graven images and painted ones, stamped ones and stitched ones, and miscellaneous sightings of Cavaliers in the weirdest places...


Cavalier Capers Quiz

Try a little educational entertainment in the form of Barnaby's Cavalier Capers Quiz. Just select the answers you think are correct, and see if you merit a Four Cavalier Four Cavalier Rating rating!!
You should be able to answer all the questions either from your general knowledge of Cavaliers, or from browsing around Barnaby's Cavalier Attitudes pages. Have fun!


Barnaby's Rainbow Sampler

Dozy Rosy's Barnaby's Rainbow Sampler Page with information about her stitching companion, her Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Barnaby, and her prizewinning sampler in the Sulgrave sampler competition.


Rufus' Have a Heart Page

Rufus' Have a Heart page tells the story in words and pictures of Rufus, a Ruby Cavalier with a bad heart murmur. It includes links to sites that have information on mitral heart disease and has a comprehensive bibliography on this subject.

Rufus died just before 8:30pm on Tuesday 5th May 1998, after fighting hard all day against a rapidly failing heart. He is buried in one of his favourite places, underneath the hazel tree at the end of the garden. He has, I hope, joined Barnaby at the Rainbow Bridge. May he rest in peace.


The Terrible Twins

Thanks to Heather and Robert Lamont for the two little Ruby Cavalier pups who have filled the gap left in our hearts and home when Rufus died. Their doggy tales appear here in word and pictures...

Birthday Special!
The twins should have celebrated their tenth birthday together on March 22nd 2008, but sadly Russet had to be put to sleep on March 19th, due to problems with excessive fluid build up, a side effect of his MVD. However, please join Rowan for his 12th Birthday celebrations, and try out our doggy style Age Calculator!